What is a water sock?

Aqua socks and water shoes are pieces of clothing made up mostly of cotton, which protect your feet when they come in contact with water. These different types of socks are also called swimming socks, wading socks, or surf boots.

Are water socks a thing?

Water socks are great when swimming, playing on the beach or when you’re wearing dive fins or snorkel fins. They’ll provide comfort and a bit of extra insulation.

What are water socks good for?

Swim socks protect your feet from the sun, including walking along sun-drenched sand and rocks which can be really hot. Warm your feet in cold water. Whether you are swimming in cold open water or doing a water aerobics class in a chilly pool, water socks insulate your feet, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Are aqua socks good?

They have great grip and are super light.” Another customer added, “These kept the sand out and protected my feet from the sharp rocks on the beach.” A third reviewer chimed in to highlight that the Yalox Aqua Socks have “firm soles that can hold their own,” especially when compared to similar aquatic footwear.