What happens to Polly in Sons of Anarchy?

What happens to Polly in Sons of Anarchy?

Mistakenly believing that Gemma shot Edmond, Polly draws her gun to her head as if she is about to commit suicide out of grief for Edmond’s death, but this is all a ruse and she quickly turns around to kill Gemma, who saw through Polly’s fake suicidal act, and shot Polly in the chest in self-defense, killing her.

What happens to Zobelle SOA?

To avoid impending death, Zobelle revealed a heroin stash and told the officers that he and his daughter were drug dealers and the two were arrested before the bikers could do anything. In the Season two finale, it was revealed that Zobelle was a long-time F.B.I. informant, so he and his daughter were set free.

Who played Paulie on Sons of Anarchy?

Sarah Jones: Polly Zobelle.

How does Gemma get out of killing Polly?

Polly attempts to shoot, prompting Gemma to kill her in self-defense. She then discovers Edmond Hayes’ body and ATF Agent Stahl, saying that both of them had a bloody day. Stahl offers to let her leave, but not before tossing her sidearm to Gemma.