Why Sonu Kakkar is famous?

Apart from singing, she has also been part of television shows. Nowadays, she is an Instagram influencer who sings various songs in her melodious voice. ‘Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo’ is the song which made Sonu Kakkar popular among the audience and is one of her best songs to date.

Who is better Sonu or KK?

KK has a powerful throw in his voice and he can reach high pitch without sounding strained. He has a very contemporary voice . Sonu Nigam is overrated, he has talent but for me, I would prefer to listen to KK songs than Sonu songs. I also prefer KK Tamil pronunciation.

What does Neeraj Sharma do?

Neeraj Sharma is an Indian film producer who has worked on movies like Love Aaj Kal (2009), Bhuddah Hoga Tera Baap (2011) and Ek Nashebaaz (2021). He has also worked on Television serials like Sangam (2007-2009), Mind The Malhotras (2019) and Your Honor (2020).

Who is the first wife of Sonu Nigam?

He married Madhurima Mishra on 15 February 2002. They have a son named Nevaan. Nigam had changed his name to Sonu Niigaam citing numerology beliefs, but later decided to go back to his birth name.