What is the weight of Sonu Sood?

Sonu Sood Height and Weight As per starsunfolded, Sonu Sood stands 1.85 m and weighs 80 kg.

What is the bicep size of Sonu Sood?

Sonu Sood Sonu Sood has to be one of the fittest men in the film industry. His chiselled physique is the stuff of wet dreams. But when it comes to pumping iron, Sonu’s 16-inch guns are the real deal.

Who is richest person in the Bollywood?

As of 2022, Amitabh Bachchan is counted among the richest Bollywood actors with a net worth of over 400 million dollars.

Is Sonu Sood non vegetarian?

As per sources and his social media updates during the lockdown, he has always been a pure vegetarian.