Who is the tallest TXT?

TXT might as well stand for Towers X Trees at this point. With the tallest member being Soobin at 6’1″, followed by Huening Kai and Yeonjun at 6’0″, Beomgyu is second shortest at 5’11”.

How tall is Soobin from Enhypen?

He’s just so tall! Standing at 185 cm (6’1″), TXT’s Soobin is tall. With his gigantic height, it’s only natural that he would make other idols look tiny in comparison.

Who is the smallest KPOP idol?

Cherry Bullet’s HaeYoon – 157cm. FROMIS_9’s Park JiWon – 157cm. Weki Meki ‘s Choi YooJung – 157cm. GWSN’s SeokYoung – 157cm. Former LUNARSOLAR’s Eseo – 157cm. Kep1er’s Hikaru – 155cm. bugAboo’s EunChae – 154cm. LOONA’s YeoJin – 148cm.

Who is the most savage in TXT?

TXT’s Taehyun is widely recognized as the most savage member of the group, and his effortless one-liners have proved that time and again. He continually subjects his fellow group members to sassy and fierce comments and does not shy away from roasting the fans.