Where did Sophia Di Martino grow up?

Di Martino was born in Nottingham and grew up in the suburb of Attenborough. She is half Italian. She attended Chilwell Comprehensive School, where she completed an A Level in performing arts. She went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with honors in media and performance from the University of Salford.

Who is Emma in Friday night dinner?

Emma (portrayed by Sophia Di Martino), was the girlfriend of Adam Goodman in the series 3 episode “The Girlfriend”. Her surname is never mentioned. She was invited to the Goodman residence by Adam, so he could introduce her to his family.

Is Loki in multiverse of madness?

Alas, Multiverse of Madness doesn’t have any overt connections to Loki. There are no cameo appearances by Sylvie or Mobius or Loki himself and Strange doesn’t stumble across the Citadel at the End of Time.

Where was Sophia Di Martino born?

Sophia Di Martino