Is Sophia Lucia a good dancer?

She set the Official Guinness World Record of 55 Consecutive Pirouettes at just ten years old. She also had a clothing line with California Kisses Dance Wear and a partnership with Capezio. She has earned several National Champion Dance Titles, such as The Dance Awards’s Junior Best Dancer.

How did Sophia Lucia get famous?

She made her film debut in 2010 as child star icon, Shirley Temple in the Fox Legacy Movie “The Shirley Temple Story.” Sophia’s ability to captivate an audience with her artistry is one of a kind. Her performances have catapulted her to He nternet stardom and taken her across the world to do what she loves most, dance.

Is Sophia from AGT a dancer?

Sophia Lucia is a dancer at San Diego Dance Centre, born on September 7th, 2002. She is home schooled.

How much does a dancer on Royal Caribbean make?

$6,840. The estimated total pay for a Dancer at Royal Caribbean Group is $6,840 per month.