How old is Navie not enough Nelsons?

November 12, 2022 NayVee Nelson was born on November 12, 2007. She reached fame as a member of the Nelson family, which includes the parents and their 18 children (seven biological and eleven adopted children).

How many sisters does Shiloh Nelson have?

Shiloh Nelson is the daughter of the film producer and actor John Phillip Nelson. She has seven brothers, Elijah Nelson (actor), Josiah Nelson (actor), Shawn Nelson (film director), David Nelson (actor), Micah Nelson (actor), Daniel Nelson (actor), and Judah Nelson (actor); and a sister, Mary Nelson (actress).

Is Nelson a first name?

Nelson is an English given name, more commonly used as a surname. It is derived from a patronymic name created from the given name “Nell,” or for the Irish, “Niall”.