How old is Sophie Thatcher?

Sophie Thatcher

Does Bonnie Bedelia have a daughter?

Bedelia married scriptwriter Ken Luber on April 24, 1969. Before divorcing in 1980, the couple had two sons, Uri (b. 1970) and Jonah (b. 1976).

Why did Margaret Thatcher have a raspy voice?

Thatcher’s distinctive timbre is often traced back to elocution lessons that the Conservative Party leader received during the middle of her career.

What happened to Margaret Thatcher’s?

Baroness Thatcher died at 11:28 BST (10:28 UTC) on 8 April 2013, at the Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly after suffering a stroke. She had been staying in a suite there since December 2012, after having difficulty using the stairs at her house in Chester Square.