What happened to Sophie Turner’s dog?

What happened to Sophie Turner’s dog?

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, who recently tied the knot in France for the second time, have lost their dog, Waldo Picasso, in a car accident. The couple’s pet died after he was hit by a car in New York City, reported TMZ. The accident happened on Wednesday on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

What kind of dog does Sophie Turner have?

Meet Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s 3 Fur Babies: An Alaskan Klee Kai, a Golden, and a Corgi.

How many dogs does Sophie Turner have?

Sophie Turner has two dogs that she owns with her husband Joe Jonas.

What is a Sophie dog?

The story that became a global sensation: Sophie, the Australian cattle dog who was lost at sea and swam six miles through shark-infested waters to a remote island where she survived in the wild for five months.