Who is the voice of Joe in Soul?

Who is the voice of Joe in Soul?

Joe Gardner

Is Soul Based on a true story?

In “Soul,” a music teacher from Queens named Joe Gardner is brought to life by animators from Pixar and the unique voice of Jamie Foxx. He plays a fictional character, but he is based on a very real teacher. “The movie starts in my classroom,” Dr. Archer said.

Who is the voice of number 22 in Soul?

In the Disney Pixar adventure, Joe’s soul meets the cynical and sarcastic soul 22 (voiced by Tina Fey), who has never been able to find her spark before.

Who played Jerry 2 in Soul?

Richard Ayoade: Counselor Jerry. Jump to: Photos (5) Quotes (4)

How old is Joe in Soul?

That classic slice of jazz history became one of the guiding lights for Joe Gardner, the 45-year-old Black protagonist of Pixar’s “Soul.” The Disney subsidiary’s 23rd feature film, and first with a Black lead, was directed by the studio’s chief creative officer Pete Docter and co-directed by playwright Kemp Powers.

What is Joe’s last name in Soul?

Joe Gardner, voiced by Jaime Foxx, is the soft-smiling protagonist of “Soul” and the first Black protagonist of a Pixar movie.