Why Did Soulja Boy get Cancelled?

Why Did Soulja Boy get Cancelled?

Soulja Boy has been benched from the Millennium Tour in wake of Young Dolph’s fatal shooting. G-Squared Events announced the news Thursday night, explaining its team made the decision out of safety concerns for the artists, patrons, and touring representatives.

How did Soulja Boy make money?

Per Reuters, Soulja Boy has sold nearly a million copies of his debut album, “SouljaBoyTellEm.” And per the outlet, he was also a groundbreaking artist in the sense that he was (at the time) “one of the few artists to sell so many digital singles and also sell a decent amount of physical copies of an album.”

Is Soulja Boy still making music?

Soulja Boy has announced that he is leaving the hip-hop world behind to exclusively focus on acting.