What ex-MLB player did Madison from Southern Charm hook up with?

What ex-MLB player did Madison from Southern Charm hook up with?

The Bravo personality was accused by her co-star Craig Conover of having an affair with a married man. During the episode it was only revealed he was an ex-MLB player but the identity of the man was not revealed. However, it has now been confirmed it was Alex Rodriguez and LeCroy is breaking her silence.

What MLB player did Madison LeCroy talk to?

Following the reunion episode, people began speculating that the married MLB player who she allegedly had an affair with was JLo’s other half Alex Rodriguez. So, after rumours swirled online, Madison finally confirmed the speculation.

What happened with Madison and A-Rod?

One month after the allegations surfaced, Lopez and Rodriguez called off their engagement. Lopez has since moved on and rekindled her romance with with Ben Affleck. Meanwhile, LeCroy has been busy planning her wedding to her fiancé Brett, whom she got engaged to in October.

Did Madison sleep with A-Rod?

Craig Conover flat-out accused co-star Madison LeCroy of sleeping around with an (unnamed) famous MLB player, who turned out afterwards to be Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod denied the allegations at the time, but his longtime engagement with Jennifer Lopez would come to an end a few months later.