Why did Jenna King leave Southern Charm?

Why did Jenna King leave Southern Charm?

Though Jenna clearly has a desire to see the world, her departure from South Carolina might have had something to do with her ex-boyfriend, Lou Ceruzzi. The wealthy property developer, who sadly died in 2017, denied claims that he was a “sugar daddy,” but Jenna later admitted that he helped fund her lavish lifestyle.

Is Jenna King still with Lou?

4. She Broke Up with Her Boyfriend. Jenna revealed during the Southern Charm Season 1 reunion that she had broken up with her boyfriend Lou. She eventually moved on and started dating Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of the rock band Falling in Reverse.

Where is Jenna King now?

Southern Charm fans haven’t seen Jenna on the show since season 1 and many wonder how she has been faring. Following her brief stint on reality television, Jenna moved to Los Angeles.

How does Jenna from Southern Charm have money?

During one episode, a friend of Whitney Sudler-Smith asked King about how she was able to afford everything and she responded simply, “With my bank account.” On another episode, King alluded to her wealth coming from her boyfriend Lou, who works in real estate and lives in New York.