How much money does Madison LeCroy make?

Madison LeCroy – $1.25 million. Craig Conover – $400,000. Kathryn Dennis – $800,000. Olivia Flowers – $500,000.

Who is the wealthiest person on Southern Charm?

When it comes to the wealthiest cast member, Patricia Altschul takes the cake! The Southern Charm star is worth a whopping $100 million. While she’s got the show to thank for her newfound fame, she’s always had the fortune. Patricia was married to Arthur Altschul, a mogul in the world of Wall Street.

What does Madison LeCroy do for a job?

Madison is a professional freelance makeup artist and hair stylist based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her specialities include balayage and hair cutting with a background in hair and makeup for print, web, television/film, and weddings.