How did Southern charm Season 7 end?

Danni decides to walk out on the dock to finally have her one on one with Kathryn. Danni’s calling her out for reaching out to Leva first instead of the friends that matter and have always been there for her.

Is Kathryn on Southern Charm pregnant?

Thankfully, as of January 2021, Page Six helped Kathryn put the rumors to bed once and for all — she’s not pregnant!

How many episodes are in season 7 of Southern Charm?

Season 7 episodes (13) Austen and Madison are back together, and their bond is stronger than ever – but it’s Craig who’s moved in with him after his house was damaged by a flood. Living with someone from her past, Kathryn reveals a bit of gossip to Craig and finds herself unprepared for the repercussions.

Why is Cameron not in season 7?

Southern Charm’s Cameran said she left due to nasty rumors that were circulating about her marriage, and alleged that Kathryn Dennis spread the rumors. Cameran was always the voice of reason on the popular show, so fans were extremely disappointed when they learned that she would not return for season 7 and beyond.