What do Southern men wear?

Southern gentleman means raising the bar. It includes button downs, ties, and khakis. That’s the “gentleman” part of this look—the inherent respect that you show when you dress your best, from high-quality clothes to taking the time to make sure they fit properly.

How do you dress like a Southerner?

Embrace color. Go full plaid — or any pattern, really. Sandals are dressy — even when they’re flat. Game day attire is a real thing. Bow ties and pearls are not worn ironically.

What is a preppy look for guys?

Preppy style outfits for men from this decade include khaki pants or shorts paired with bright polo shirts. To finish this look? A pair of topsiders and a cable-knit sweater tied around the neck. Classic color combinations comprise petal pink with kelly green and soft yellow with bright blue.

How do I look like a country boy?

Looking country is all about wearing rugged, durable clothing with key accessories, like cowboy boots and a hat. For a masculine country look, throw on some dark-colored jeans and corduroys with a long-sleeve button-down. Plaid, embroidered, and checkered button-downs are the most common country styles.