How old is Kang soyeon singles inferno?

Kang, 34, won viewers’ hearts as the oldest, and fittest, of the female contestants looking for love on the 2021 dating series, but has been working for 15 years to pursue her career in South Korea’s entertainment industry.

How tall is so-yeon from singles inferno?

At 5′ 54 (169cm) tall, she only weighs a mere 112 lbs (51kg) — and it’s only after having gained a few extra pounds! During the time of filming for Single’s Inferno, she exercised daily to look her best on-screen.

Is singles inferno scripted?

Single’s Inferno contestant Song Ji-a has revealed that nothing on the popular Netflix reality series was scripted. Song, who is also a popular lifestyle YouTuber in South Korea, recently spoke about her experience on Single’s Inferno during a newly released Q&A video.

Who is the most popular in single inferno?

Song Ji-a. If there was one contestant who caught the eye of all the men on the show right from the start, it was Song Ji-a. The 25-year-old introduced herself as a popular YouTuber and said her best qualities were that she was “cute and sexy” when she landed on the island.