What are the different levels of Specialized bikes?

What are the different levels of Specialized bikes?

Specialized Build Levels The hierarchy of builds from lowest to highest is: Base, Sport, Elite, Comp, Expert, Pro, and then S-Works.

How long are Specialized bikes backordered?

As Mike Sinyard put it, founder of Specialized bikes, 99% of a bike can be complete, but if one small part is missing, the bike cannot be shipped. This has resulted in a backlog so long, it could take 12-24 months for a customer to receive their bike order.

Is Specialized bike a good bike?

They’re known for high build quality, as well as innovation, carbon frames, and state-of-the-art suspension technology. In short, Specialized has a reputation for quality within the biking community. They’re also famous for being durable. Specalized is synonymous with reliability within the biking community.

Can I buy direct from Specialized?

We’re excited to announce two new ways to get your new Specialized bike without getting in the car. With our Ship to Home option, we’ll help you choose the right bike and ship it right where you want it—pre-built and professionally test-ridden.