Who is Dr Spencer Resident Evil?

Lord Oswell E. Spencer is one of the overarching antagonists of the Resident Evil video game series. Lurking in the shadows and rarely seen, he is the president of Umbrella, a major bio-weapons manufacturer hiding behind a pharmaceutical facade.

What game was Oswell Spencer?

Oswell E. Spencer as seen in Resident Evil 5. Oswell E. Spencer is a character from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games.

What does G virus stand for?

The Golgotha Virus, abbreviated as G-Virus, is a retrovirus in the Progenitor family of viruses. Golgotha was developed by Umbrella USA as a bioweapon to rival and surpass Tyrant Virus (“t-Virus”).

Why is Wesker so powerful?

Prototype Virus: Ever since he injected himself with the Prototype virus, he gained superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and endurance. Regeneration: Thanks to the Prototype Virus, Wesker has the ability to regenerate from deadly wounds, such as being impaled through the abdomen by the Tyrant.