How do you make spicy alcohol?

Probably the simplest way to make a drink spicy is to add a dash of your favorite hot sauce. A vinegar-based hot sauce like Tabasco works well with tequila, rum, and vodka, adding both heat and a touch of tangy acidity that complements the flavors found in these spirits.

How do you add spiciness to a cocktail?

Hot Sauce – TABASCO Sauce Hot sauce is the tried and tested way of adding heat to your drink in a controllable format, from Bloody Marys to modern cocktails such as a Dragon Punch. At Difford’s Guide, we use TABASCO Sauce for cocktails because it’s aged.

What is the spiciest drink?

The spiciest drink in the world is called Vato Loco. It is made with a puree of pineapple and habanero peppers, a syrup made from arbol chiles and chipotle chiles, and tequila with ancho chiles infused in it.

Are there any spicy drinks?

Spicy cocktails are fascinating and come in an array of interesting flavors. The recipes feature ingredients like hot sauce, chili peppers, and even a little wasabi. When you get the right balance, these drinks offer an adventure in flavor for anyone who appreciates all things hot and spicy.