How many girlfriends did Spider-Man have?

How many girlfriends did Spider-Man have?

In the books, Peter Parker’s love interests included Mary Jane, Gwen, and even a girl named Michelle. However, on top of those three names, Spider-Man’s love interests have included other superheroes, models, students, criminals, and more, and with no exception, none o his romantic relationships were easy on him.

Who is Spider-Man’s real girlfriend?

Mary Jane is the most famous and prominent love interest of Peter Parker due to their long history, as she is also represented in most Spider-Man media and adaptations.

Who is Spider-Man’s best girlfriend?

While he always finds his way back to his one true love, Mary Jane, the list of Spider-Man’s girlfriends in Marvel Comics is longer than most realize.

Who did Peter Parker marry?

in Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #21 Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson wed in holy matrimony! Check out the comic book wedding of the century, as the longtime couple takes the final plunge!