Who are the splash Twinz dating?

Who are the splash Twinz dating?

As of 2022, Trechelle Andino, also known as Shellie is currently dating her high school love Jose, while Treona Andino, the other half of Splash Twinz, came out as gay. It can be assumed that she is currently single and not dating anyone.

How did the Splash Twins get famous?

The duo rose to fame on their TikTok account @splashtwinz which both of them have been running since 2017. Their videos have attracted over 12.7 million fans and over 317 million likes.

How much are the splash twins worth?

Trechelle and Treona Andino, better known as the Splash Twinz, are an American social media influencing and content-creating duo, who rose to fame together on their joint TikTok account “Splashtwinz”. The sister’s net worth is courted to be an estimated $1 million.