What happened to Jaymee Sire?

Sire left CSN Bay Area in early 2013 to take a job with ESPN, where she helped launch Sports Center :AM, the network’s early morning installment of Sports Center. She also served as the sideline reporter for the Little League World Series. She was one of about 100 employees to be laid off at ESPN in April 2017.

Why is Laoghaire pronounced leery?

The real reason for the unusual nickname The unusual nickname actually comes from fans being unable to pronounce the name Laoghaire for so long, which they now know is pronounced “Leary” or “Leery.” It was only when the show was created that many fans finally heard the way the Gaelic name was said.

Is Jamie a male or female?

Jamie is a unisex name. It is a diminutive form of James or, more rarely, other names.

What does Jamie mean in the Bible?

Jamie is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin. Stemming from James, it is a biblical name meaning “he who supplants.” While traditionally a boy’s name, Jamie has been a popular choice for both genders since the 1970s.