What does it mean to squash a beef?

What does it mean to squash a beef?

1 to press or squeeze or be pressed or squeezed in or down so as to crush, distort, or pulp. 2 tr to suppress or overcome.

How do you squash beef with someone?

Calm down, and then tackle the issue. State your case thoughtfully. Look at the problem, not the person. Be forward thinking. Listen up. Pick your battles. Celebrate agreement.

What kind of meat goes good with squash?

Squash is a versatile, mild-tasting vegetable that can go well with many recipes. For example, squash goes with meats like poultry, beef and lamb.

What does it mean to beef someone?

Its original form “to beef” is formally defined as “to complain”, and its contemporary variation is defined as someone thinking “that someone or something should be changed”.