Who are the stars in musical In the Heights?

Who are the stars in musical In the Heights?

Lin-Manuel Miranda. Usnavi. Arielle Jacobs. Nina. Andréa Burns. Daniela. Christopher Jackson. Benny. Courtney Reed. Carla.

Did all the actors do their own singing in In the Heights?

You have each individual character and that actor’s vocals, which, most of the time, is two or three people singing simultaneously or with each other. Then you have all the background vocals: the ensemble, which was made up of another 40 individual recordings that had to be worked around the primary actors.

Who is the male star In the Heights?

On a beach, Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) tells a group of youngsters about a place called Washington Heights in the faraway Nueva York. It’s the days before the 1999 blackout. Usnavi runs a bodega but dreams of returning to his childhood home of Dominican Republic.