What happened to Stassi and Beau?

What happened to Stassi and Beau?

After racially insensitive remarks from Stassi’s past resurfaced in June 2020, however, Bravo cut ties with the longtime star. The twosome wed in a small ceremony in September 2020 and tied the knot again in Rome in May 2022.

What does Beau Clark do?

Beau Clark

What is Stassi’s baby name?

Stassi Schroeder

Why didn’t Jax and Brittany go to Stassi’s wedding?

And while he claimed the tardiness of the passport was one of the reasons he and Brittany Cartwright weren’t able to make Stassi’s wedding in May, also stating that it wasn’t a “big deal,” Jax said he and Brittany would soon be traveling with their son to Mexico.

Are Ariana and Tom Sandoval still together?

Are Tom and Ariana still together? Yes. Tom and Ariana continue to be in a relationship. The pair regularly share snaps of each other on social media such as when Sandoval posted a happy birthday message to his other half in June, calling her his “queen” and “best friend.”

Are Katie and Tom divorce?

According to a report, the Vanderpump Rules exes are officially divorced. UPDATE (OCT. 13, 1:29 P.M.): According to Us Weekly, Vanderpump Rules ‘Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are officially divorced.