Who is the guy in the State Farm commercial?

Who is the guy in the State Farm commercial?

Since that time, actor Kevin Miles has taken over as Jake from Jake Stone, the actual State Farm agent that responded to a casting call to land the role and his iconic line about wearing khakis (via The Pantagraph).

How much does the State Farm guy make?

Looking to capitalize on the character, State Farm’s advertisers eventually ended up hiring an actual actor to take over the role. Kevin Mimms joined the team and took over the role of Jake, including reshooting the famous “Jake from State Farm” scene. Mimms has earned between $10,000 and $15,000 for his ads.

Why did they replace the original Jake from State Farm?

As stated, in 2020, State Farm decided to revisit the famous insurance company mascot, Jake, with a new actor. The company felt that a seasoned actor, instead of an insurance agent, was a better fit for renewing the “State of Unrest” campaign.

Was Jake from State Farm originally white?

Nope, in the original commercial, he was a white guy—Jake Stone, an actual State Farm employee —back in 2011.