What is Steny Hoyer’s real name?

Steny Hamilton Hoyer (born June 14, 1939) is an American politician and attorney serving as the U.S. representative for Maryland’s 5th congressional district since 1981 and as House Majority Leader since 2019.

What is the meaning of Hoyer?

North German and Danish: from an ancient Germanic personal name Hucger a compound of hug ‘heart mind spirit’ + gēr ‘spear’.

Who is the current majority whip?


Who is the second ranking leader in the House?

The Speaker of the House is second in line to succeed the President, after the Vice President.

Is Steny Hoyer a Democrat or a Republican?

Steny Hoyer

What part of Maryland does Steny Hoyer represent?

Maryland’s 5th congressional district comprises all of Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert counties, as well as portions of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties. The district is currently represented by Democrat Steny Hoyer, the current House Majority Leader.