What was Curry’s best year?

Number 1. 2015/16. Now we come to the best Steph Curry season of all time. For us that was the 2015/16 campaign.

When did Curry 73 9?

The 2016 Warriors were the most dominant regular-season team in NBA history. There’s not much arguing that. Golden State went 73-9 to beat out the ’96 Bulls for the best record of all time. It started the season a ridiculous 24-0 and didn’t lose its third game until mid-February.

What is Curry lowest scoring game?

Stephen Curry had his fewest points in a game 5 times, with 0 points.

Is Curry top 75 of all time?

Stephen Curry is No. 15 on The Athletic’s ranking of 75 greatest players ever because his accomplishments are wholly impressive. Three-time NBA champion.