Does Jeff Green have kids?

Jeff Green and his wife, Stephanie Hurtado, married after dating for a while. Hurtado was already a mother of two daughters with Green until 11 March 2022 when they were blessed with another beautiful daughter. Stephanie became well-known in the media after marrying prominent basketball star Jeff Green.

How did Jeff T Green make his money?

Jeff Green is CEO and chairman of The Trade Desk, an advertising tech firm he founded in 2009. His digital ads company, which went public in 2016, specializes in social, mobile and video advertising. The Trade Desk, a Nasdaq-listed company, had $836 million in revenue in 2020, up 26% year-over-year.

Where is Jeff Green now?

Jeff Green

Who is richer Jeff or Elon?

On the tenth anniversary of his Forbes 400 debut, Elon Musk brought a decisive end to Jeff Bezos’ four-year run as America’s richest person. E lon Musk couldn’t help but gloat.