How is Stephanie Salas related to Alejandra Guzman?

How is Stephanie Salas related to Alejandra Guzman?

She is the daughter of actress Silvia Pasquel and musician Micky Salas; she is the granddaughter of actress Silvia Pinal and actor Rafael Banquells; and she is the niece of singers Alejandra Guzmán and Rocío Banquells. She has two daughters, Michelle Salas (b. 1989) and Camila Valero (b.

When did Luis Miguel date Stephanie Salas?

Michelle is the result of a relationship he had with Stephanie Salas at the height of his career in the 1980s, when the pair were quite young. Although they never exclusively dated, they were bound together forever through their baby girl.

Who was Luis Miguel’s first love?

ISSABELA CAMIL HOW LONG DID THEY LAST?: Five years, from 1989 to 1994. HOW DID THEY MEET?: They knew each other as children because their parents were friends, but it wasn’t until their teen years that they fell in love.

Did Sofia Vergara date Luis Miguel?

Allegedly, the “Modern Family” actress and Mexican singer Luis Miguel dated for a few months in 1995, but neither have confirmed or denied it.