What shoe does Steve Jobs wear?

New Balance’s 99X line has stayed remarkably consistent since its introduction in 1982. Also consistent was Steve Jobs’ preference for it. Company chairman Jim Davis has claimed that the original design concept came from Jobs himself, and the 992 was said to be the late Apple co-founder’s favorite.

What New Balance shoe did Steve Jobs wear?

The 99X series was undoubtedly ahead of its time when it made its debut, but it truly found its footing almost two decades later in 2001, when normcore icon Mr Steve Jobs adopted the grey New Balance 991 as part of his pared-down tech god uniform.

Is New Balance 992 discontinued?

With all that said, there’s no denying that New Balance shoes are on top of every sneakerhead’s wish list these days. The brand’s active participation in collaborations while putting an immense focus on GR colourways proves that the New Balance 992 is here to stay.

Did Steve Jobs wear Birkenstocks?

Steve Jobs’ Well-used Birkenstock Sandals Sell for Nearly $220,000 at Auction. The sandals were originally worn by Steve Jobs while he was developing the first Apple computer.