Does Steve Walsh have children?

Steve presently lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and two children. He is a career musician and he makes his living writing music.

What happened to Steve Walsh referee?

Walsh retired from all levels of refereeing in March 2015 to take up business interests outside the game. He retired holding the record for the most Super Rugby matches refereed at 111, and with the third most Test Matches refereed at 60.

What happened to Kerry Livgren of Kansas?

In September 2009, Livgren and his music were temporally silenced when he suffered a massive stroke. Rumors ranging from everything from his demise to his loss of higher functions of the brain to being just fine spread like wildfire on the Internet.

How did Rich Williams lose his eye?

Personal life. Williams lost his right eye in a childhood fireworks accident. He wore a prosthetic eye for many years but now wears an eye patch instead. As a child, Williams began playing on a ukulele but quickly transitioned to guitar.