Is StockX legit with shoes?

StockX is a safe, easy, and trustworthy way to access current culture. Whether it’s on Twitter, TikTok, your group chat, or at family Thanksgiving, a number of people have asked the question: Is StockX Legit? Well, we’re here to fill in the blanks. The answer is an unequivocal YES.

Is StockX legit 2022?

StockX does not sell fake shoes or fake goods. The StockX platform seeks to offer a secure environment for you to shop and a safe place for sellers to ensure they will receive payment for their genuine goods. The Detroit-based startup opposes the sale of illegal or fake products.

How do I know if StockX is real?

ALL authentic StockX coming directly from their warehouse will have tags are clipped on the left shoe. In the example above, you can see the clip hanging on the left Air Jordan 1. This is a good sign leading to authenticity – the tag placement at least – however the sneaker still needs to be legit checked.