Who is Stone looking for on Big Sky?

Who is Stone looking for on Big Sky?

“One day, she just disappeared,” Lila tells Jenny. “The assumption was and still is that Veer found out she was an informant and had her killed.” In Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17, Ren (Janina Gavankar) revealed that she looked into Kate Garza because Stone asked about Veer’s mistress more than once.

What happens to Travis in Big Sky?

Travis, Jenny Hoyt’s love interest and undercover cop, got pretty tangled up with the Bhullar drug cartel in season 2 as he sought out revenge for his former love, Kate Garza, who was reportedly killed by Veer Bhullar. Kate was Veer’s mistress who Travis turned into an informant before falling in love with her.

Who plays Bruce Stone on Big Sky?

Lorne Cardinal: Bruce Stone.

Who plays Stone in Big Sky season2?

Logan Marshall-Green: Travis Stone Jump to: Photos (24)

Who is the serial killer in Big Sky?

Ronald Pergman | Big Sky Wiki | Fandom.

Who is the villain in Big Sky?

Reba McEntire Debuts In ABC’s Big Sky As A Villain.