What is the strawberry infidelity test?

What is the strawberry infidelity test?

The quiz always begins with a scenario like this: “If you’re walking past a strawberry tree, would you eat the strawberry if you were really hungry?” If your partner says “no,” the quiz ends, but if they say “yes,” you have to ask them how many strawberries they would eat.

What’s the right answer to the strawberry question?

What does the strawberry question test on TikTok reveal? People on TikTok are using answers to the strawberry question test, to determine how likely it is that your partner would cheat. A “yes” to taking the strawberries in the field signifies a higher propensity to be unfaithful.

Are strawberry tests real?

While there is no scientific evidence to back the Strawberry Question test, TikTok users are taking part in it for fun and judging their partners based on the results. So, if you’re partner ends up saying “yes” to all the questions, it means they would betray you.

Would you take a strawberry question?

“If you were walking past a strawberry field, would you take a strawberry and eat it if you were really hungry?” Their follow up questions include: “How many would you eat?” “What if there was a fence?”