Is cargo pants in style 2022?

Cargo Pants In Color Colorful denim has been an ongoing trend of 2022, and Becker explains that it extends to jeans of the cargo variety, too. “Colored iterations, like cream, near-neutral pink, and sage green, will be ones to watch,” she details.

How can I look stylish with cargo pants?

For most men, the best way to wear cargo pants is with classic pieces – chunky fisherman knits, overshirts, hiking boots and denim jackets. In the summer, you can’t go wrong with an oversized T-shirt and some clean white sneakers.

Are cargo pants in style autumn 2022?

Cargo pants with pockets, durable fabrics, and comfortable shoes are made for layering into easy, go-to outfits all season long. Cargo pants have been one of the breakout stars of F/W 2022.