Was Subramanian Swamy expelled from Harvard?

Was Subramanian Swamy expelled from Harvard?

He also taught economics courses at Harvard Summer School until 2011, when the Harvard faculty voted to eliminate Swamy’s courses as a result of his “offensive” statements about Muslims.

Who is the husband of Subramanian Swamy daughter?

Nadeem Haidar is married to Suhasini Haidar, daughter of BJP politician Subramanian Swamy. Suhasini Haidar is a well known journalist and former CNN-IBN anchor.

What does Subramanian mean?

The etymology of the name is from Sanskrit; however, a common translation is “dear to Brahamam”, or “of good deeds”. An alternative proposed translation is derived from merging two common Sanskrit words supri-ya (सु), meaning “good” or “dear,” and man-ya, meaning jewel; the name translates loosely as “worthy jewel”.

Which party does Subramanian Swamy belong to?

Subramanian Swamy