Who is best character in Succession?

8/12 Connor Roy. 7/12 Tom Wambsgans. 6/12 Kendall Roy. 5/12 Marianne Hirsch. 4/12 Greg Hirsch. 3/12 Ewan Roy. 2/12 Marcia Roy. 1/12 Rava Roy.

Who is the smartest character in Succession?

Ewan Roy (James Cromwell) is the smartest Roy for a simple but powerful reason: He stays out of it.

How powerful is Logan Roy?

1/5 Logan Roy He is without question the most powerful character in the series. Logan uses fear and intimidation to constantly keep his crown as CEO of Waystar.

Who is the villain of Succession?

Logan Roy is the main antagonist of the HBO drama series Succession. He is the founder of Waystar-Royco and patriarch of the Roy family.

Who does Greg have a crush on Succession?

Greg’s crush on Comfry was clear from the very first episode of the season when, upon meeting, he said, “I wrote down a lot of tweets, relevant tweets, that could be important— is that useful to pass on?” She assured him that they could find them as they were, in fact, on Twitter. And thus an epic love story was born.

Does Shiv become CEO?

Shiv can’t regain any power there because she never had any to begin with. She was never going to be CEO, Logan knew this from the start.