Is Terry Serpico related to Anthony Michael Hall?

Is Terry Serpico related to Anthony Michael Hall?

Anyway. We’re here to tell you something: Terry Serpico is not Anthony Michael Hall. Long lost twins, maybe, but definitely not the same dude.

Does Terry Serpico have children?

Father of two children: son Calvin and a younger daughter, Stella. Met his ex-wife at the Rodeo Bar in New York. He was a bartender and she was the assistant manager. Even after getting steady acting roles, he kept bartending for nearly 20 years to help pay the bills.

Does Terry Serpico play on Law and Order SVU?

He’s currently recurring as NY SVU Bureau Chief Tommy McGrath on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Who is playing McGrath on SVU?

Terry Serpico: Chief Tommy McGrath Jump to: Photos (1)

Who is the Vietnam captain in Cobra Kai?

Terry Serpico: Captain Turner.

Did Anthony Michael Hall play in Yellowstone?

Following Wednesday’s episode, everyone seemed to ask the same question: Does Anthony Michael Hall play Teal Beck in Yellowstone? In short, no. Terry Serpico, the actor who actually plays Teal Beck on the show, bears a striking resemblance to him, though.