Does Tessa Thompson wear a hearing aid?

Does Tessa Thompson wear a hearing aid?

Tessa Thompson, who is starring in the movie “Creed”, has a lifelong hearing loss, which will get worse as she gets older. She wears a hearing aid and is showing it in the movie.

Can Creed’s daughter hear?

After the joyous birth of their first child, Bianca and D are faced with the heartbreaking news that their daughter has a hearing loss like her mother.

Why is creeds daughter deaf?

Born in Los Angeles, California, Amara inherited her mother’s progressive hearing disorder and was born deaf. This diagnoses broke her parents’ hearts, as Bianca lamented Amara would never appreciate her mother’s love of music, and Adonis thought life was hard enough as it is.

Does Bianca lose her hearing?

Portrayed by Tessa Thompson, Bianca suffers from progressive hearing loss who uses a hearing aid and there is no information about Bianca’s upbringing or family life. She resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she meets Adonis Creed.