What is Thanos wearing on his hand?

What is Thanos wearing on his hand?

At the end of the movie, mega-villain Thanos snaps his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet—a magical metal glove bedazzled with six almighty stones—and wipes out half of the planet’s population.

What is Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet called?

The Iron Gauntlet, also known as Power Gauntlet and Nano Gauntlet is a gauntlet created by Tony Stark, Hulk, and Rocket. It is a copy of the original Infinity Gauntlet, but was created using Stark armor technology as well as Stark nano-tech.

Are there 3 Infinity gauntlets?

Throughout the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been three Infinity Gauntlets: the one in Odin’s vault, the one worn by Thanos in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron and the one in Avengers: Infinity War that Thanos forced Eitri to forge.

Does Thanos have a glove?

If you’ve ever seen the Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War, you probably recall the scene where antagonist Thanos has all the Infinity Stones in his metal glove, and with a snap of his fingers he wipes out half of the population of the universe.