Is Kira from The Bachelor really a doctor?

Is Kira from The Bachelor really a doctor?

Kira Mengistu is an Attending Physician of Internal Medicine at Penn Medicine. Contrary to Kira’s questionable behavior during her time on BIP, the 33-year-old is actually a lead physician.

Is Kira Mengistu still a doctor?

Kira A. Mengistu is an internist in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Cambridge Health Alliance and Evangelical Community Hospital.

What kind of physician is Kira on Bachelor?

Outside of her time on Bachelor Nation shows, Kira is lead physician of internal medicine at Penn Medicine. And some people online have had negative things to say about her behavior in “Paradise” due to her career.

Where does Kira from The Bachelor work?

Thirty-two-year-old Kira Mengistu ’11, an internal medicine physician at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, was nervous about appearing on The Bachelor in general, but she says, “it also made me anxious that I was going to be seen for the first time on national television in my underwear.” She paused for a …