What voice range lies between a baritone and a bass?

Summary – Baritone vs Bass Baritone and bass are two male voice types. The difference between baritone and bass depends on their voice range. Bass is the lowest male voice type. Baritone lies in the range between tenor, the highest, and bass, the lowest.

Is baritone in between bass and tenor?

Baritones. The most common of all male voices, this category occupies the wide range of vocal timbres between the tenor and the bass.

Where does the tenor voice range lie between?

A tenor is a type of classical male singing voice whose vocal range lies between the countertenor and baritone voice types. It is the highest male chest voice type. The tenor’s vocal range extends up to C₅. The low extreme for tenors is widely defined to be B₂, though some roles include an A♭₂.