Is Fear Street: 1978 based on a true story?

Is Fear Street: 1978 based on a true story?

A real Shadyside, Ohio exists, but thankfully the violent history depicted in the films is fictional (the movies are based on R.L. Stine’s popular Fear Street book series after all).

What is Fear Street: 1978 based on?

The Fear Street Trilogy is an American horror film series, with varying subgenres of horror, particularly the slasher and supernatural subgenres. Directed by Leigh Janiak from scripts and stories she co-wrote with other contributors, the films are based on R. L. Stine’s book series of the same name.

Who is the sister in Fear Street in 1978?

Fear Street: Part Two – 1978 Cast: Emily Rudd as Cindy Berman. Character Profile: Ziggy’s sister. She is a straight-laced student who wants to leave Shadyside. Cindy panics when her boyfriend becomes possessed by a spirit.