Who played Billy Graham on the crown?

“The Crown” Vergangenheit (TV Episode 2017) – Paul Sparks as Reverend Billy Graham – IMDb.

Who did Paul Sparks play House of Cards?

Paul Sparks: Thomas Yates Jump to: Photos (48)

Did Queen Elizabeth have a relationship with Billy Graham?

“Prince Philip and the Queen saw Mr. Graham on the television program and that set a chain of events to her inviting him to come to Buckingham Palace for a meeting,” Bruce said. “That set in motion, years of a relationship and friendship.” Graham was in London for three weeks after that initial meeting.

Which Crown episode was Billy Graham in?

Early in the sixth episode of Season 2 of the Netflix drama “The Crown,” Queen Elizabeth has tea with the Queen Mother while watching Billy Graham’s London Crusades on a small black and white television set. The Queen is impressed.