Are Robert Smith and Mary Poole still together?

Are Robert Smith and Mary Poole still together?

Poole and Smith have been happily married for nearly three and a half decades, but their family has not extended beyond husband and wife.

Does Robert Smith have any children?

The couple have no children, with Smith stating in an interview with the Guardian that: “I’ve never regretted not having children. My mindset in that regard has been constant. I objected to being born, and I refuse to impose life on someone else.

How old was Robert Smith when he met his wife?

Smith met Mary Poole when he was just 14 years old at St. Wilfrid’s Comprehensive School in Crawley, England, when he drummed up the nerve to ask her to be his partner in a drama-class project. “I just struck lucky early on,” he told The Guardian in 2004.