Did The Forever Purge make money?

Released ahead of 4th of July weekend, The Forever Purge, the fifth entry in the horror franchise, has raked in $55.1 million globally so far at the box office, including $40.3 million domestically. Coupled with the takes of the previous four movies, The Purge series now sits at $516 million worldwide.

Was The Forever Purge successful?

The fifth movie in the popular franchise made a whopping $77 million in the middle of the pandemic. Here’s why it was so successful. The fifth installment in the successful Purge franchise was released in 2021, three years after the fourth film, The First Purge.

Was The Forever Purge a flop?

The film grossed $77 million worldwide against its $18 million budget and received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its performances and action sequences but criticism for its writing. A sixth film is currently in development.