Why does Detective Ambrose look at his fingernails?

Why does Detective Ambrose look at his fingernails?

He’s starting to look at the whole thing. The fingernails are obviously a sign of the sessions with Sharon and he’s playing out some type of trauma scenario with her, which is what happens with sexual abuse especially. The idea is that Ambrose has a long way to go but he is acknowledging it for the first time.

Did Cora abuse her father?

The abuse went on for years, until Cora was about 10 or 11, finally ending when her father walked into the bathroom and saw that AH—now 19 or 20—had cornered her in the shower and unzipped her pants.

What is Harry Ambroses dark past?

His Troubled Childhood The second season of The Sinner came with a unique approach of taking detective Ambrose back to his childhood when he started a fire that seems to have ruined his mum’s life. Starting the fire wasn’t just his fault, though. He developed PTSD from the torture he was exposed to.

Why does the song trigger Cora?

The sound of the song “Hugging and Kissing” triggers a traumatic memory of the death of Cora’s sister: an event she never had the chance to truly mourn and deal with (Cora’s memory recovery issues are also exacerbated by the drug induced memory loss).

Why did Vera choke Ambrose?

Harry discovers what happened that night with Vera. They both were playing sexual mind games with each other. Sexually aroused, Vera choked him until he was unconscious.

What is wrong with Cora in The Sinner?

She Is Tormented By A Tragic Past That She Can’t Remember Cora also has sleep issues, so she needs prescription medication. Without it, she goes through intense withdrawals in jail. Through hypnosis and help from Harry, she finally regains all of her memories.